Spin Scooter

Service Analysis of Spin Scooter

During this project, I had an opportunity to unpack the service concept of Spin Scooter, a micro-mobility platform introduced to Pittsburgh, including the Carnegie Mellon University campus.


Feb 2023



Service Designer




Gia Marino

Thien Le

Taru Jain

Designing micro-mobility with a
mission to create 15-minute cities.

Spin was founded in 2016 as Skinny Labs, Inc. and announced in January 2017, hoping to bring Chinese-style dock-less bicycle sharing to the United States. Spin launched in Seattle, Washington, on July 17, 2017, becoming the city's first dock-less bicycle-sharing system.

Spin Scooter & UN SDG Goals

Spin Scooter's business vision is to achieve net negative emissions by 2025 through electrified operations, renewable power, lower manufacturing impacts, and aggressive mode shift away from private automobiles.

User Persona

Based on user research within the CMU community, we decd

Design Opportunity

User journey mapping

Design Opportunity

Stakeholder map

Design Opportunity

Stakeholder map


Three main focal points of research

Rider Habits

What transportation do people utilize and what are the occasions of using rideshare?

Opinions on EV

What pain points do users experience
with existing ride share services?


What incentives make people feel motivated to take action?

Key Insights

Electric vehicles should be commonly adopted, but individual users value financial incentives & emotional validation

Travel & Recreation

The most common occasions for using ride share services are for traveling and recreation (airport, drinking, vacation)

Travel & Recreation

On a societal level, users think EV should be default if there is a supply.

Financial & Emotional Benefits

Users feel good about choosing EV, but because they tend to be more expensive, users desire financial merit as well.

Projected Outcome

Values for Ford

Meet electric vehicle production goals

Improve brand recognition from Uber riders

Reach long term sustainability goals