A happy designer,
curious user &
of everyday experiences

Currently a 3rd Year Design + HCI student at Carnegie Mellon University
Normality in DesignSTUDENT PROJECT
Building a Multimedia Design System about My Design Hero / 2022
Onboarding WeAudit STUDENT PROJECT
Designing an onboarding experience for an ML bias audit platform / 2022
Lawfully's Mobile Community UX DESIGN INTERNSHIP
Nudging users to activate Lawfully's community space/ 2022
UNICEF – Happy Children Make Happy AdultsSTUDENT PROJECT
Repurposing childhood mental health campaign / 2022
Designing custom-curated travel planning resources & intuitive documentation space for young adults / 2022

I design for more meaningful and enjoyable everyday experiences.

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GO: a transit assistant for wheelchair users

Everyone deserves
to go anywhere

Despite Korea's implementation of low-floor buses, 74% of wheelchair users have never used buses due to the lack of awareness and fast-paced culture.

GO is a mobile assistant that allows wheelchair users to reserve buses and notify drivers of their onboarding so buses can stop at the designated bus stop.

Fundrey: the type foundry, reimagined

Funding type designers on a Web3 platform

Font piracy is inevitable. However, font piracy is theft that hurts someone’s creative property.

To lower barriers of purchasing typefaces, humanize the typeface, and build a relationship between user and designer by establishing trust, Fundrey was born!

Learn more about Fundrey here

Posterheroes 2022 Winner

Mind full or mindful?Shifting the learning paradigm

This year, my poster "Off the Book" won the Posterheroes contest on illustrating on building a slow, learn-by doing education paradigm.

System Design for Pittsburgh Transit

Improving the bus experience in Pittsburgh for CMU students

While the public bus system is the most popular mode of transit among CMU students, existing solutions to track estimated arrival time was off by far.

As a group, we conducted user surveys to map out pain points, and interviewed a Pittsburgh transit employee to identify the root of the problem.

Using universal design principles like personas, accessibility, and feedback loop, along with a user journey, we suggested a solution to make bus rides more efficient for CMU students!

CMU Meeting of the Minds Symposium 2022

Branding for the CMU annual research symposium

As the designer for Meeting of the Minds 2022, I branded the symposium with the graphic elements of key and keyholes as metaphors that is comprehensive of all fields of studies.

Editorial Illustration for New York Times

Fixing Nemo

Fixing Nemo is an NYT article by Rebecca Skloot on fish veterinarian services. I illustrated 3 panels that reflect the humanization of the patients at the veterinarian hospital.