Widget-based progress tracking tool for high school students

In the course Learning Media Design, I had the opportunity to co-design Momentum, a learning management and progress tracking tool with City of Bridges High School.


Sep–Dec 2023


Ankitha Vasudev

Andrea Chisholm

Heysu Oh


Product Designer

UX Researcher





City of Bridges High School


City of Bridges High School (CoB) is a high school in Pittsburgh, PA that facilitates a progressive learning curriculum. In this project, we focused on the Personalized Learning Plan (PLP), which is a unique aspect of their curriculum that enables students to freely explore their interests and evaluate their learnings.

Simplifying learning management
for high school students

Momentum fosters self-accountability and cultivates self-regulation, a pivotal yet challenging skill in student development, among students by empowering them to easily track their progress and communicate with teachers.

Quick check-in through widgets

CoBHS students are enjoy using widgets on their phones because they are fun and simple.

Streamlining progress-tracking

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Enhancing student–teacher interaction

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How might we help students to develop personalized systems of productive time management and progress tracking which they can use in high school and beyond?

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Pain points

Tools that require too much input are overwhelming to CoBHS students.

CoBHS previously used ‘Headrush’ - a documentation tool for tracking goals and progress, but it didn’t work well for students due to its cumbersome nature.

Key Insights

Students need a simple tool to manage their PLPs.

Learning Management

There is no prescribed method for students to plan or document their learning and PLP progress. Students choose their own system, ranging from physical notebooks to Google Calendar.

“The freedom is nice, but it makes it easy to fall behind”


Students are generally not stressed by the workload because they view the CoBHS deadlines as manageable and flexible. To more easily meet deadlines, students may use their PLP time for schoolwork.

“I like the ‘free time’ to work on classwork. I don’t like bringing work home”


There are not always readily available resources for students that pursue unique or complex PLPs. Without easy access to the right resources, they are hesitant to continue their PLP.

“Our PLP started out really cool and but then we didn’t know how to code”


What Momentum offers?


Respect students’ autonomy and need
for flexibility by seamlessly integrating progress updates into the student’s existing workflow.


Help students accurately document their PLP progress for their own self-reflection purposes and for updating teachers, and support students seeking help.

Access for teachers

Equip teachers with a platform that identifies the status of each student’s progress to help them prioritize which students to check-in with during PLP.

Design Iterations

Key Insights

Success Evaluation Metrics

Teachers feel more confident and knowledgeable about their students progress & learning.

Students feel like they receive adequate support from teachers

Students are able to complete a PLP and/or show improvement in their learning management skills throughout multiple PLPs

More than 75% of students use the platform every week